Palomar Vista News Update


Thank you all for the support through these difficult times. A couple of updates for visitors and family members.

  • Unfortunately we are still not allowing visitors at this time and will send updates every week.
  • Family members are always welcome to facetime their loved ones or contact us to set up a good time to utilize 1 of our devices. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to set one up.
  • Virtual tours are also available on our facebook @PalomarVistaHealthcareCenter or on our website.
  • Family members are welcome to drop off gifts and other items to their loved ones. (We are required to isolate these items for 72 hrs before distributing).
  • All staff members and residents are required to wear masks.
  • We have had ZERO cases of COVID-19 in our building and are working diligently everyday to ensure our residents and staff members stay safe.